Head of Fine Arts Sector

La Biennale di Venezia is one of the oldest international art Biennials and considered to be the largest and most influential occasion for the convergence of arts and cultures. It is an interesting and civilized dialogue for humanity. As Egypt had always a pioneering position especially in art since the dawn of history, it has maintained its own pavilion as the first African and Arab country to do so. Based on this premise which Egypt is eager to stabilize and perpetuate through the generations, Egyptian art will never be absent from this great international event. The Ministry of Culture is keen to choose the artwork that conveys a message and represents the Egyptian contemporary art scene.

The media art installation “Eden Like Garden” had been chosen to represent Egypt at the 59th. La Biennale di Venezia through a public competition by the Trio artists; Mohamed Shoukry, Weaam El Masry and Ahmed Al-Shaer. The chosen installation is a profound philosophical, deep vision, dynamic and experimental artwork; a media installation, in which artists used artificial intelligence as a mean of expression.

We wish all the success to the winning team and the artwork that had been chosen to be the best ambassador for the Egyptian visual art and Egyptian culture in general. Egypt will always keep its outstanding position on the international platforms and civilization to remain radiant with creativity, and holding an authentic title for its identity and soft power.

In the end, I congratulate the participating Egyptian team, as they are honorable raw models who reflect one aspect of the Egyptian creativity, wishing them all the best.

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